1. exercise 

We’ll focus on abdominals, so get your mats, bottle of water and in those few minutes try to focus on yourself, your breathing and stabilization of the muscles.


hrbet-11. We place ourselves on all fours (knees are in the same height as hips, wrists are verticaly leveled with shoulders, feet are in plantar flexion). Don’t forget to activate abdominals and to keep the neutral position of the spine.

2. We transfer our weight forward and backward. We feel the strong activation of our abdominals ( we squeeze the belly towards the spine and try not to hold our breath) and we feel the transfer of our weight form the hands towards our legs.

You don’t feel any discomfort? You want sth more?
The exercise below is just for you!

Plank-advanced version 


3. For advanced ones we just need to place the knees even more backward. We activate the core muscles strongly.

4. We extend one knee and dorsiflex our feet, then we extend the other one leg. We are on all fours, with our knees off the floor. Activation of the core muscles is very present. ATTENTION: wrists should be in the same vertical planeas our shoulders, we don’t flex our neck -which is in the same position as our spine.

Trztegnemo eno koleno in spodvihamo prste na eni nogi, nato sledi izteg drugega kolena. Smo v opori na dlaneh in prstih naših nog. Aktivacija globokih trebušnih mišic je ves čas prisotna. POZOR: zapestja naj bodo ves čas v isti višini kot ramena, vratu nikakor ne upogibamo – je v podaljšku hrbtenice!

Practice when possible, although it’s only 5 mins per day! Don’t forget about your good posture!

Hang on and be Victorius!


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